Code Structure

All code structure will be same as Non Iconic view you have to add and replace just 3 classes

                                <!doctype html>
                                    <body class="leftbar-view iconic-view"> // Remove iconic-view for Non Iconic view
                                        <!--Topbar Start Here-->
                                        <header class="topbar clearfix">
                                        <!--Topbar End Here-->
                                        <!--Leftbar Start Here-->
                                        <aside class="iconic-leftbar"> // Replace leftbar instead of iconic-leftbar for Non Iconic view
                                            <div class="iconic-aside-container"> // Replace left-aside-container instead of iconic-aside-container for Non Iconic view
                                        <!--Leftbar End Here-->
                                        <!--Page Container Start Here-->
                                        <section class="main-container">
                                            <div class="container-fluid">
                                        <!--Page Container End Here-->
                                        <!--Rightbar Start Here-->
                                        <aside class="rightbar"></aside>
                                        <!--Rightbar End Here-->